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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This is the ultimate drill.

A plain,uncomplicated looking dress.
And yet it transcends such an unmistakably effortless allure.
It's the kind of dress that gets you hooked.
Numerous times.
Somehow, you'll never grow weary of these classic pieces, because you know it'll always be in vogue.=)
It makes you look nothing less of a natural beauty.
And most of the time, these dresses are self-explanatory.
'Nuff said.


And all these are in shades of nude.
Something so very in demand now.
And not to mention, with that slight sheer fabric..Goddess will transform you into becoming the belle du jour loves.=)

it's really a perfect fit.
And it hugs where it should.=)

Love those chiffon ruchings, don't you?
Ah, a dual toned dress with an ethereal twist!

Look closely at those brilliant detailings~

Back view.
It's a gorgeous tulip cut~
something that jazzes up this effortless dress!

Fit for a wedding occasion or dinner! =P

This waist clincher is yours, absolutely FREE. =)

The awesoooomechiffon fabric and ruched pleatings.
You'll love it to bits just as much as we do.

Ready to fall in love all over again

Reminds us of a Garden fairy?
a Greek goddess?
A celestial being?
Wedding bridesmaids? teehee.
Oh, the memories are boundless!

**This is such a beauty that we wish we could own every single shades for different occasions! =D
they're absolutely gorgeous stuffs..no kidding dearies.Even the photos does not compare to how it feels and looks in reality.=)

Extras to take note:
-26 inches in length
-Tulip skirt cutting to give that needed curves *awesooomeee!*
-Feminine chiffon ruchings
-Side zipper

Material : Quality chiffon top, cotton bottom

Size : Fits UK 4-small UK 10

Price : RM 53 *Free clincher is yours!*

Last piece each

Sms 012-2188175 or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com
Please remember to include your name and item.

**Non-restockable anymore**

Divine Damsel

Last Piece in Divine Damsel I

Our very first maxi dress to cater to you princesses out there.Rejoice! =D
It's a handkerchief maxi, to be exact.=)

You've probably seen these kinds around, but when we first set our eyes on these beauties..we couldn't leave without having to bring them in for you gals!
(And these were completely sold out at our recent bazaar too.)
We've uploaded them here on our e-shop because we want the vass majority of you who couldn't or didn't make it to the bazaar to be able to enjoy these goodies too.=) awwww..

Divine Damsel I
a burst of springylicious details with a vast array of rainbow colours.
All of which falls in the right places.=)

Oh gosh..these batik-ish designs are soooo heavenly..*drools*

Frontal view.

-Approximately 44 inches from top to the bottom's longest part of the dress( excluding straps)
-Cross back design
- Adjustable straps around bust area which can be aligned to suit different bust measurements.

Material : Satin

Size : Free (Fits UK 4-UK 12)

Price : RM 49 *Major steal!*
Last in Divine Damsel I

Sms 012-2188175 or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com about any enquiries okies. =)

Please remember to include your name and item.


Dainty Delight

Hi there sweets!

To be honest, we're not quite done updating with our latest collection yet.
Good news,ya think? =)

There's still a grand finale to this substantially lovable collection. Best end it well, no? =D
or rather, this is just the beginning.*wink*

It'll be a delight, that's for certain.=)

Time to unleash the garden goddess in you with soft flowy fabrics and...we suppose, a bit of satin sheen would do the magic. =)
We love enchanting stories..do you?

Stay tuned loves~


Reviewed.Thanks a bunch!

Thanks a million dearies! Your reviews are,as always, very very appreciated.=)

The Luxurious Fashionista

Diary of an E-Shopaholic

Me likey!
Both equally funkylicious. ;D
Traffic stopping ruffled top in bold neon shades.
Contrasting tiered frilled bib, chiffon high collar. ;)
Sexy teardrop keyhole back for added zing!
RM 39 *available in other colour combo's*

High-waisted rara polka dotted skirt.
Oh-so-60's. ;)
Full front zipper for easy access.
Clincher is included of purchase.
RM 53 *looks equally good as a tube top*

Nicely done ruffled sleeves towards the sides, lined bodice, empire cut.
Seductive touch of satin enhancing its glamor. ;)
RM 55

Fashion Pressman

Shopping Roll

A totally vintage-like bag in brown colour, wide back zipper and side zipper and adjustable straps. Only one piece up for grabs, but they're also restockable too ;) They do take orders for mocha brown & black as well.

A Shopaholic's Den

Zip up and zip up good! They're all the rage now and did you see Serena's dress in this week's Gossip Girl episode? Ooo.. I totally heart that zipper dress alright!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Olla dearies!
We hope you've had a great headstart this week.=)

And we really do hope you'll like this
massive update we've brought to you yea.=)
It took us a long time to find the
right ingredients to make this update for you lovelies a superb one. Hence, we certainly hope our effort was worth it! =D

Goodies ranging from
exposed zippers, ruffles, off shoulders, high waists, denim, retro polkas, quilts, vintage..
and well, practically
everything and anything that is so in vogue NOW.=) and of course, many which will never or hardly goes out of style!

These yummy goodies we're bringing you are sure to suit your different needs and occasions.
Best get them in your
style menu if you haven't dearies. =)

Happy shopping lovelies!


Zippy Stunner

**AVAILABLE in Stonewashed Light Grey

Spotted! Nikki Hilton donning her oh-so-hot denim zippy dress.
Totally flatters the figure.

Spotted: Exposed zipper halter denim dress
**Pics credited to ASOS**
Zippy Stunner
awesome denim,
exposed zipper,
tube dress.
4 stunning shades to take your pick from!
They're all equally as nice,really.

Hugs your assets in all the right places babes.(=

Slight exposure via the exposed zipper.
You can even wear a tube inside and zip it all the way down till mid waist perhaps?
it's your imagination that works it best sweets!

Dark Blue denim.

Exposed zippers are totally rocking! weeeeee!

Stonewashed Light Blue
~an unquestionably unique shade of blue.

We heart this vewy vewy much!

Oh, and this too!
Stonewashed Grey
Yet another one-of-a-kind shade!

Match it with a pretty top if you'd like.=P

You'll be a total knockout in this number babes!
And the awesomest part of this, denim won't ever go out of style, at least not anytime soon.=D
So this is definitely for keeps.

-Especially hugging at the bust, provided you wear the correct undergarment yea.;)
-25 inches in length

Material : Quality denim

Size : Fits UK 4-UK 10

Price : RM 50
Last piece in Stonewashed grey

Sms 012-2188175/014-9338693(digi) or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com
Please remember to include your name and item.



an incredibly lovely top that oozes feminity, complete with
chiffon neckline ruchings.

Very suitable as an office attire don't ya think?
or even for college presentations for that matter.=)))
Dinners or outings?
it hits all the right spots.
And of course, by taking our otherwise plain outfits up a notch.

A closer look.=)
Notice the upper collar and the middle part has those pretty chiffon ruchings.

Hot pink

Black and White


Sunny Yellow

Perky Purple

A sexy gap at the back of the top.=P
Not too big, not too small. Just right.
Love how the chiffon neckline totally enhances the entire blouse by lending that extra exquisite touch.

If you haven't got a winning top like Vera, hesitate no longer aite? ;)

Material : Quality cotton, chiffon neckline detailings

Size : Fits UK 4-small UK 10

Price : RM 39
Last piece for sunny yellow, black&white, neon pink

Sms 012-2188175 or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com
Please remember to include your name and item.


Polka Jolt

ONE PIECE LEFT for Each Colour
Get your polkas now! ;)

Polkas polkas polkas.
They bring out the playful charm in every girl and are so reminiscent of the past.
And yet, these retro polkas seem to be here to stay!
We gals simply cant outgrow these little dotties!
I guess its cause it brings us back in time to our childhood days.=)))

Black and White
~the classic combo

Click here for the ruffled top.
Vera in Pink.

Hot Pink and Black
~the wacky story

Click here for the ruffled top.
Vera in B&W.

There are also places for you to insert your very own waist clincher.=)

Layer cake + ruffled goodie!
Not to mention exposed zippers are all the rage now.=D
We likey~

Ooooh it can even be worn as a layered tube top.=D
And when paired with lame leggings, this combo looks like a mix and match of both the futuristic and the artsy fartsy.teehee.

Extras to take note:

-It's a high waisted skirt darls! how awesome right?
And if you don't like it too high..pull it a lil lower.=)
So very versatile! yay!
-16.5 inches in length

This gold black waist clincher is yours.=D

Material : Top notch polyester cotton

Size : Fits UK 4-UK12

Price : RM 53 **Comes with waist clincher,absolutely FREE** Steal already!

Classic Combo(AVAILABLEX1) and Wacky Story(AVAILABLE x1)

Sold (Wacky Story)
Sold(Classic Combo)

Sms 012-2188175 or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com



A basic ruffled top in the most body flattering colour,
What's more?
The empire waist cutting makes it even more figure loving. =D

We just couldn't resist the beaaaautiful ruffled sleeves.=)
And..the touch of satin against the skin is simply heavenly.=)))
Gosh, the entire top is just so so fantastic! Really.

Material : Superb satin

Size : Fits UK 4-UK8

Price : RM 55
*We're really sorry that the price is a bit higher than usual for a top, cuz the cost is much higher.But you can be certain you'll loveee this satin piece dearie.=D*

Only 1 exclusive piece available.

Sms 012-2188175/014-9338693(digi) or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com about any enquiries okies. =)
Please remember to include your name and item.

**According to our supplier,don't think its restockable anymore dearies.Our apologies yea.**

Chanel-inspired Quilted Tote

We presume this bag needs no introduction.
Yesss, we're bringing you a Chanel-inspired bag, with its signature quilted designs.=)
And this tote is even more special than the usual ones,simply because it comes with multiple chain detailings. Yet another feature of Chanel bags.=)

Up close.
Love love love how roomy and spacious it is!
And oh, not to mention the yummylicious detailings.(=

Taken under natural light.=)))

We've really fallen head over heels for this Coffee Tan colour.
Boy, is it hard to come by!
It somehow makes the entire bag look really luxe,no?

A shot under natural lighting so you can see the true colour of this gorgeous tote.=D

Interior finishings.
Comes with inner compartment just like any good bag should.;)

Material : Good quality faux leather

Colour : Jet Black, Coffee Tan

Price : RM 67

Sms 012-2188175/014-9338693(digi) or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com about any enquiries or restocks okies. =)
Please remember to include your name and item.

**Restockable with limited pieces left**
Also restockable in Very Dark Brown.