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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bow Story

Bows, big or small, are BIG on the runways now.=D
Fashion houses are also predicting that the pussy bow trend is gonna further escalate.
Good news for us aye?
Pussy bows never fail to lend a feminine touch to our outfits.=)

Dr.Pizzicato has brought in a sophisticated blouse in black and white combo for you ladies.
Yet another of our simple yet versatile collection.=)
And with a bow of course! (The bow is detachable alright? you can tie it whichever way you like.)

Feels like we're all dressed up for a musical tonight. =P




What we love about Bow Story is also because of its unique combination of material :

the top white colour is in cotton, while the black part is somewhat satin-ish.

It's as though you're wearing a matching corset when in fact, it's all rolled into one! =DD

The bottom of the blouse also has a bit of an inverted V-shape for that edgy twist.( refer to pic above)

And it comes with spare buttons too yea!

Extra note-worthy informations :

The length of the blouse is a bit short, so it'll be good if you paired it with something high waisted. Example shown in License to Thrill.

Otherwise, a normal straight cut(non low slung) jeans shuld do the trick. =)

Material : One-piece blouse, part Cotton (white) and part Satin (black)

Size : Available in S ( Restockable in S an M upon request)

Price : RM 45

size S (SOLD)

size M (SOLD)

Sms 012-2188175 or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com

**Non-Restockable anymore**

License to Thrill

You've probably got your formal black high waisted skirt by now, but what about the latest fashion staple in your wardrobe---the high waisted denim?

In case you haven't noticed, denims are all the rage now babes.=D
(Or should we say, it has always been a wardrobe staple, irregardless of gender.hehe.)

Seen here at CLEO's latest March 2009 issue. They've even done an entire spread on denims! See what we mean girls? =P

Model with a denim high waisted skirt from French Connection (retailing at RM379)


Explanations aside, we've decided to bring in high waisted denim skirts for you darlings.=) And of course, with a price you can so afford!

~License to Thrill~

Matching it with a dual toned bow top & killer heels is all you need to achieve the look.
(Black&White Bow blouse selling separately)
**Model is wearing License to Thrill in Navy Blue**

P/S : Denims are absolutely the way to go if you want to tone down an otherwise too formal outfit such as the pic above. Perfect for presentations or meetings especially. Dress it up...or down, it still looks gorgeous!


A bright top to complete the equation.*winks*
All set for an outing with the gals already!
(Throw on a blazer and you'll rock the look for your presentation.=P )

**Model is wearing License to Thrill in Black**

Honestly, we feel both the Navy Blue and Black high waisted skirt looks equally as good! We're spoiled for choices babes! *faints*

And guess what, now you've definitely got the license to thrill whoever comes your way! *sinister grin*

Material : Denim in top notch quality
Colour : Navy Blue or Black
Size : S or M
Price : RM 58 *Cheapest we've come across so far dearies.*

Navy Blue in S (SOLD) and M (SOLD)
Black in S (SOLD) and M (SOLD)

**Example of how you should send in your purchase: Navy Blue in size M /
Black in size S.

Sms 012-2188175 or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com

**Sorry Non-Restockable anymore**

Zara-inspired, Satorialista

Hey babes! Once again, we're back with more updates to quench your thirst for all things yummy.*laughs*

Going straight to the point, lets present Satorialista to you.
A Zara-inspired dress. =D

And to make things easier for you, here's the Zara basic top. (erm..its just for your reference, not on sale yea.teehee.)

Love the cutting & design.

Simple yet sexaayy~


Now, picture that Zara top as a dress? =)

And there you have it, Satorialista, our Zara-inspired dress babes!

The novel design at the shoulders makes it suitable as a day/ casual dress and even for night.
It's versatility at its best.=)

And the fact that its not sleeveless makes it conservative enough for work wear or whatever events that requires you to cover up.=D

But the best bit about this dress is simply because it accentuates your assets without being too outrageous. It's just,well, subtlely seductive. =))

Taken without flash.

Also available in Indigo-ish Purple (somewhat like plum). Just the colour to spruce up your spring closet! How pretty!

*Also highly recommended for taller or curvier babes as the length is slightly longer than typical dresses. Feel free to email or sms to enquire about anything at all alritey? *

Material : Spandex
Size : Free. Fits UK 6-10
Price : RM 50

Black x1 (SOLD)
Black x 1 (SOLD)
Indigo Purple (SOLD)

Black (Anna) (SOLD)
Indigo Purple (Gaik Lin) (SOLD)


Sms 012-2188175 or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com

**Non-restockable anymore**

Monday, February 23, 2009


Bringing you the Verona tote bag ladies.=)

Totes are and always will be a must-have in your bag collection dearies.=D





The intricately woven details..
the leatherish-like material makes it look so posh and expensive.=D
(although its really a bargain! hehe)

What you need to know:

It has two side compartments with zippers and the front 'lock' can be detached to chuck your smaller items. Also, it has a back compartment.=) And of course inner pockets!
The material is of top notch quality; looks and feels almost leatherish-y. Even we can't exactly put in words what type it is.

It's just absolutely indispensable.=)

Verona is the kind of bag that is suitable for college, work or play. Not to mention dates and shopping! And in these neutral shades, you don't have to worry about mix-matching with your outfits. It just blendssss perfectly~


Sms 012-2188175 or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com yea.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Temptation Top

We've brought in the girl-next-door Temptation dress, and now we have a little surprise for you. =)

This time, we've brought in Temptation Tops in colours that pop! (doesn't that rhyme? =P)

We know you gals can't get enough of the Temptation dress so we've decided to bring in something equally as wonderful.=) the design is exactly the same, except for the fact that its a top.hehe.
And for this collection, you can pair it with your fav jeans, shorts, skirts and so on and so forth!

Enjoy the tantalizing multi colours available dearests!
They're as delicious as candies! yummm =P

And it's just in time for spring! yay!

A variety of colours are available:
-Electric Blue
-Turquoise (you can also refer to the colour of our Turquoise Temptation dress)
-White ( colour ref : White Temptation dress)

P/S: Note the difference between pink and red colour yah. One is hot pink while the other is a bright red.=D

We heart the colours!

Material : Cotton
Size : Free
Price :
1 for RM 29
2 for RM 45
*Grab it!=D*

-White (SOLD)
-Turquoise (SOLD)
-Pink (SOLD)
-Blue (SOLD)
-Purple (SOLD)
-Red (SOLD)

Sms 012-2188175 or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com alritey?


Reviews on 'Mermaid Muse' and 'Latte'


Diary of an E-shopaholic

Suitable for all your dinner needs. ;)
Bustier cut with stitched fishbone, tight at the waist, mermaid layered skirt.
Classiness re-defined. ;D
Smooth satin material.
Would look good too if paired with a clincher to add an additional colour. :)
RM 69 (+ additional 5% off)

A Shopaholic's Den

We can never have enough bags, no? Especially when they come in neutral shades like these here. Ahh.. gorgeous and versatile already, no?


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Breaking news for all you shopping queens out there! =)

Starting today, 14th of February (V-day!), there'll be discounts on all our new collection yea babes!
Reason? We just felt like being generous.HAHAHA. Oh well, to be honest, who doesn't like hearing of 'SALES' and 'DISCOUNTS' right?

So here it is! Dr.Pizzicato's tribute to our beloved customers. =)

1 item : 5% off
2 items : 10% off

*No terms and conditions, but only on our New Collection at the moment*

Promotion valid till 14 March 2009. =) So what are ya waiting for?
Start shopping already! =D


Beloved fashionistas, just like a great cup of latte, our first ever bag installment is just what you'll need to liven up your otherwise routine day.

Latte in colour, just as its name implies.
It's the colour that will match any of your outfits harmoniously.=) Be it red, black, blue,white,green,etc..or even purple as you can see in the photo.=D

Has ample space to chuck all your essentials.Car keys, journal, blusher,face wipes,..you name it.=)
Functions as a roomy tote and yet carries a trendy statement.

The best part, its exclusive.
We only have ONE darlings.(its all sold out at supplier's,sorry)

*Has a longer strap to function as a messenger bag if you like.*

Colour : Latte
Price : RM 70 *5% discount on this NEW collection*

~Great quality, great design.(=

Sms 012-2188175 or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com to get the one and only
piece we have.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mermaid Muse

What do you get when you combine....

Taylor Swift's sweeeeeetness


Zooey Deschanel's goodness?

Well, you get a little bit of both actually. Except, better. *wink*


Mermaid Muse

Heart-shaped bustier,
Mermaid-like cut,
purple. =)

Taken without camera flash.

Another of our figure loving dress! And don't you just loveeee the satin goodness?
(It's not entirely satin so no worries about being too ''shiningly glaring''.We're guessing its probably 70% satin,plus 30% cotton. It's a mixture of both that makes the entire dress so
yummmy! )

It looks so glam, and feels so comfy too. =D
It just somehow slips into your body and hugs your assets. teehee.

Time to indulge yourself in good ole' fairytale stories once more and who says mermaids don't come alive? They certainly do right now. =P


Also available in classic colours such as Innocent White and Jet Black.

Gals,make this your prom dress this year.=) i know some colleges are having theirs soon yea.
Head-turning glances
guaranteed. *giggles*
Gosh, we just can't help
falling head over heels with the exquisite mermaid design! Pardon our excitement.

We decided to experiment and found that Mermaid Muse even goes well with a shirt worn inside!
Now you can have a Dual Toned dress and Prom/ Dinner dress all in one! haha. How awesome is that! =D

Black. Again we say, its the colour that never fails.=)

Looks good with or without flash. We're so lovin' it already!
(don't worry dear, in reality the cutting looks much more visible compared to photos)

We tried it on with a basic white shirt inside this time. Looks like a perfect dual toned dress for non-dinner days! hehe.
So VERSATILE aye? =)

All set to dazzle and be a princess in your own right?
We know you are.=)

P/S: These are the kind of pretty dresses you see in top magazines and on celebs, but their prices are always way too exorbitant for us. But right here at Dr.Pizzicato, you're getting it at a price so so reasonable, and for the same degree of hotness.

Material : Satin
Size : Fits UK 6-10 (Best fits S-M)
Price : RM 69 *5% discount on this NEW collection*

Innocent White(SOLD), Jet Black(SOLD), Purple Glam(SOLD).

Sms 012-2188175 or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com today!

**Non-Restockable anymore**

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Reviews on 'V for Vogue'

Huge thanks and appreciation for the reviewers! =D

A Shopaholic's Den,

Yet another dual toned piece! Woot! This one here isn't the usual that we've seen alright. It's definitely something unusual but totally unique to be owned by you!

Miss Chique List,

Shove away those boring ol' kimonos you have been seeing everywhere and take a look at this! Not your average dress, don't you think? I love the way it flaunts your curves at all the right places. And the unique colour, don't get me started! ;) Priced at RM 69. Guaranteed by Dr. Pizzicato to be worth your money and honestly, thats the lowest they can go!

and Diary of an E-Shopaholic.

Ooh, now this is interesting. :)
Bright and colour contrasting combo--though still easy on the eye.
Silky satin top, cotton pencil skirt.
Triple layered, as you can see. ;) Reduces the need for a clincher!
Pearl closure at the back and peek-a-boo thin keyhole cut.
If you're in need for a fashion statement, this is it. ;D
Quality guaranteed.
RM 69

Basic Fashion Folder

Thanks a million sweet<3!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Stay tuned

DO stay tuned for an upcoming announcement of promotion,
and of course, more updates from us!



V for Vogue


Our 2nd kimono inspired dress. But no less stunning than the one before.
And again, its inspired, because its not exactly a kimono dress.
You'll see you'll see.hehe.



It's V for Vogue ladies~

It's a combination of turquoise(slightly light bluish),
jet black
chilli red.

No waist clincher needed! hehe. PERFECT on its own darlings~
Just don a long necklace and that's it!

Hmm..you can say it's a colour block dress, dual toned dress, or whatever you may call it. But there's no denying its soooooo gorgeous right hun? =)

Primarily satin(top) and polyester cotton( bottom).

Mmmm..we simply love this dress!! (So much so that we wanna keep it for ourselves. hahaha.)
Love the colour.
Love the satin material.
Love the perfect cutting.

The back view.
Its slightly opened at the back for a sexxay demeanor.=P

Come to think of it, it looks so celebrity-ish.Can't remember where we saw something similiar on a celeb. teehee. But oh well, its time for you gals to bask in glory! None other than with V for Vogue of course. =D

It's one of the best selling pieces(we can see why) and there's only a few left at our supplier. *gasps*

You can practically wear it everywhere! Dinner, functions, outings wit the gals, your date, office/college presentations (if you're daring enough,i mean, why not? ) and the list goes on. =))

This statement-making piece is definitely value for money.=)
Need we say more? hehe.

Material : Satin and Cotton
Size : Fits UK 6-10 (S-L) *Again, it hugs your curves it all the right places*
Price : RM 69 *Worth your every penny*

2 pieces only.

Sms 012-2188175 or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com today!

**Restockable** Only few pieces left.Do enquire yea.

First Lady

The kimono inspired dress is in the house.=D
Not your typical kimono, but one that is well, matchless. For lack of a better word. As you shall soon see...*smiles*

As the title suggests, we're opting for a very First Lady attitude with this classic offering.
Immaculate like Carla Bruni Sarkozy (wife of the French President), who never fails to shine with her outfits and the way she wears them.=)

~First Lady~

All set to command a standing ovation.

The overall look. It's great on its own even without waist clincher or obi belt.=D

There's more...


Now, this is what you should know--- the layered pleatings at the sleeve is to die for. Tell me where can you possibly find such a stunning design on most kimono dresses? There's no doubt you'll stand out with this honey.*drools*

And if that isn't enough, we've even took a photo of the dress laid flat.=)
See the pleats on top and in between! It just makes us go gaga!

The dress is a plunging V, but it's cutting is just right. Not promiscuous-looking at all.=) If you wanna opt for a more moderate appearance, you know what to do right? tube tops always comes in handy! hehe.

And because its BLACK in colour, you can mix and match with any colour you please.=)
It's the colour that never fails, aye?

Oh yea, we almost forgot to mention about its superb quality! It's a combination of chiffon and spandex. Feels chiffon-y though.=))
Slightly smocked at the waist, so its stretchable for all sizes.

It's a classic LBD we'd defintely wanna invest in. hehe.
A piece that stands the test of time.

Material : Chiffon spandex
Size : Fits UK 6-10 (S-L) *It hugs your curves nicely! Especially M sized babes!*
Price : RM 62

Sms 012-2188175 or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com today!

**Restockable** But only limited stocks left at supplier's.