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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cut-out Sexay Pumps

**Image credited to Kaboodle**

Here's bringing you our first ever shoe collection:
Cut-out Pumps.
And may i add,oh-so-sexayyy ones!
In classic black.

The satin material has a lil bit of sheen and gloss to it.
Not the extravagantly glittery types.But just right for that added glam factor.;)

Taken without flash.

How can one resist the oh-so-unique heels!
Plus cut-outs are so in right now.
They make an otherwise plain black pumps soooo deliciously SEXY. ;)
This is one bling that will have everyone looking down while your head's held high.
teehee. =P

At first, it might seem like these heels are so 'un-walkable'..But after we tried it on ourselves, its
in fact meant for walking! How purrrfect. haha. Oh,and it gives that right posture to our body too.
We couldn't be happier to share this with you gals.=D
So don't let the somewhat weird cut-out shape deter you aite? ;)
This is a gem.

Material : Satin body, bronze inner linings.

Colour : Black

Height : 4 inches

Price: RM 55
Available in
size 4 /35
size 5/ 36
size 6/37
size 7/38 (SOLD)
size 8/39 (SOLD)

Cutting runs slightly smaller,so its advisable to take a size bigger.
eg: Im usually a size 4/35, but i had to wear size 5/36 for a more comfy fit.=)
But do note that shoe sizes tend to expand a lil overtime yea.

Sms 012-2188175/ 014-9338693(digi) or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com Please remember to include your name and item.

**Non-restockable in most sizes.However do enquire and we'll ask our supplier to check if there is any.;)

The Bestfriend heels

Grab this major loveeee :)

Bringing you the kind of satin heels every gal would love and need and want. =D
Semi-formal/formal Functions?
A date?
Galfren outings?
This is every gal's bestfriend.=)

If there was a category for heels, this would fit into the best pal 's section.hee hee.

Frontal view.
The soft satins are twisted into somewhat ribbon-like knots.
Peep toe pretty! heh

Now would you look at those metal-like heels?
they seem to reflect the lighting in such a glorious fashion.
You can be sure these heels will shine in wherever you set foot. ;)

Also, do notice the weaved patterns on the body of the Bestfriend heels
Those are made of harder satins.
Click on the pic to enlarge if you must.=)

Note: Material is not that shiny in reality. Especially the metal-like heels part. It just right,really.=)

Material : Hard Satin body,soft satin at the front. Metal-like heels.

Colour : Black

Height : 2.5 inches *These heels are meant for walking! yay!*

Price: RM 49 *steal!*
Available in
size 5/ 36 (SOLD)
size 6/37 (SOLD)
size 7/38 (SOLD)
size 8/39

Similar to Vincci's sizes.

Sms 012-2188175/ 014-9338693(digi) or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com Please remember to include your name and item.


Vintage Rosetta

~Anna Sui-inspired~

Vintage Rosetta
A vintage,
victorian era inspired piece.
Rosey,floral embossed surface..synonymous with the era during Queen Victoria's reign.

In two what we call, Victorian-like colours:



Up close.
A very structured body for Vintage Rosetta.
Rather businesslike approach.
Yet its ''femininized'' by its floral prints.

How very unique.

Carry it as a sling/shoulder bag for that casual feel~


Has Side zipper, and also a compartment for mobile phones and those teeny weeny stuffs. =)

Side view.
As you can see,the designs are very neatly done.
Especially adore those brownish leather-like details.

Intricate finishings even at the bottom of the bag.
Those creases and linings are made to look like leather..although of course, they're faux leather. ;)

Can be hand-carried as well. Of course.hehe.
We like the cutesy size!

Take note:
Straps are adjustable according to your desired length.
And they are also removable if you'd prefer.;)

Material : Vintagey dark brown faux leather trimmings,handles,shoulder straps,etc. Cloth rose-adorned surface.

Colour : Rosetta in Black, Rosetta in Cream.

Price: RM 46 only *Bargain!*

Sms 012-2188175/ 014-9338693(digi) or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com Please remember to include your name and item.


Nicole Kid-me-not

Is it surprising that even celebrities are spotted with these jailbird-like cardis?
Paris Hilton and even Kate Moss are amongst the many who have been seen wearing these..or at least, experimenting with them.
And then turning them into a fashion staple.
Our fashion staple.

Nicole Kid-me-not
yea, you better not be kidding me! heeee

A jailbird look-a-like cardi,
stripey cardi,
whatever you may call it.

But,we absolutely lurveee this piece!

~the classic combo.
And i would guess..the general public would love this? haha
Conservative and easy-to-wear. Yep yep.;)

~ a somewhat vintage colour.
Yet it looks very sophisticated with those stripes going on there. ;)
It's like modern meets old-fashioned. teehee.

Oooh and we just had to match it with this vintage rose adorned bag.=)
They're like a match made in heaven!

Aqua Blue
~our jaw dropped when we saw this calming shade.
It's just...so.....indescribable.
The mellow sky blue is such a pretty pretty shade.
And not to mention, its our first time coming across cardis in this soothing tone!
ahhh...zen-ess indeed.

Neon Pink
~cheery gummy-licious colour.
Pic says it all.hehe.

Here, we've tried matching it with high waisted shorts & i must say, it actually goes very well.
A Striking top contrasted with something understated. =)
But the trick lies in the high waisted shorts.
Takes the entire outfit up a notch,agreed?

So cardis can be worn in many ways..unbuttoned or tucked in.

Up close.
Has two side functional pockets yea!

Wow wow wow..have we got your attention even just for 3 seconds with this entry?
we hope we did. =)
Cuz its simply such a great bargain!
Especially with its knitted quality...awesomes! =)
We loveeee this, and we hope you do too yea.
You'll get your cent's worth. (=

Material : Good quality knitted cotton
*It's not overtly thick, but its warming.;)*

Colour : B&W(Sold x4), Brown(Sold), Neon Pink(Last one), Aqua Blue(Last one)

Size : Free (fits UK 2-UK10)

Price : RM 38 only *For the great material,we say its worth every penny.=)*

Status : Available
LAST in Aqua blue , Pink

Sms 012-2188175/ 014-9338693(digi) or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com Please remember to include your name and item.


Stripey chic

Yup, here's bringing you cardis for everyday wear.;)

The quintessential cardi that needs no introduction.
Albeit one in stripes!

Here's something unusual yet versatile enough for the much needed coverage at chilly places..Say,your office? or college auditorium? =)

This is really quite a dainty piece cuz of its black,white and light grey combo.
The easiest colours to match with most other colours without being too attention grabbing.
If you get what i mean.hehe.
Cuz the stripey combos are already strking enough already,don't ya think?

**Click on pic to enlarge**

A closer look.
Material is slightly transparent.
Pls note: Only slightly. So we would recommend wearing something beneath. But of course, if you're daring, just wear it as it is.
Why not right? (;
Its doable!

Also,this cardi is as good as it is.
No hoodies, no side pockets. Just plain stripey goodie! yay! =D
Perfect for you gals who want something simple yet chic.
I know some of you have been looking for ''plain'' cardis like these...hehe

Material : Comfy Cotton

Colour : Black&White

Size : Free (fits UK 2-UK10)

Price : RM 35 only *steal!*
Best grab em before someone else's does! ;)


Sms 012-2188175/ 014-9338693(digi) or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com Please remember to include your name and item.


Next Update

Hey loves,
we're still working on the 2nd part of the SALES corner. So meanwhile, do grab whatever you can alright?
We need to clear the existing stocks in order to bring in more goodies for you.;)
And they're all at major slashed prices so best grab them before they go poof! =D

Also,here's a sneak preview abt what's to come:

Cut-out soles' pumps.
One-of-a-kind Awesomeness~

Also, there's more versatile cardis for work/college and play & we've also brought in vintage bags we believe you'll come to adore. =)

Do stay tuned aite? ;)

You won't wanna miss what's up next.teehee.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Hey lovelies! ;)

We've finally completed the other half of our updates today!
Real sorry for keeping you gals waiting yea.

But here's the gorgeous summer dresses as promised. And they're all very limited,we've only brought in one piece per design.
So you know how exclusive it is? =)
Plus, they're mostly non-restockable.

So if you see something you like, hesitate no more alright, cuz a superb deal it is! ;)
Happy shopping and browsing okays!
Buzz us at 012-2188175 or dr.pizzicato@gmail.com


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Palette Splash

Wonder why we're bringing in quite a number of dresses in these kinds?
it's really because they were too good to resist!

Palette Splash
...its like someone accidentally spilled his canvas on a piece of cloth and tadah!
It became a superb piece of artwork.

Available in 3 to-die-for splashes:
*and they're non-restockable by the way*

Power Splash

How can one not fall in lurve with these abstract prints in such tantalizing combo of pigments?

Subdued Splash
~the potpourri of teal,turquoise, green,brown,orange, brickred,etc makes this such a lovely piece don't ya think?
The white parts are actually slightly greenish tinted.
Can't really see it from the pics.

Volley Splash
~needless to say, a happy mixture of colours!
Unleash the cheery personality in you!
weeee ;)

Back view.
Spreaded gorgeousness.

Inner double linings,
as all good dresses should come with.heeee.

Even the tie back sash is coloured.

Picasso paints a picture?
-Adjustable straps
-Empire cut
-Tie back sash
-31 inches in length (straps not included since its adjustable)
*standard length,so no worries*

Material : Lightweight Comfy Cotton

Colour : Power Splash, Subdued Splash, Volley Splash

Size : Free (best fits uk4-uk10)

Price : RM 46
Fully Sold

Sms 012-2188175/ 014-9338693(digi) or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com
Please remember to include your name and item.


Easy Breezy

We like 'em summer dresses,don't you?
Especially since our country is going thru hot spells now.
These are purrrfect!

Before you start to pass this off as just another piece of garment,we simply beg to differ. ;)
hear us out would ya?
We have our reasons for bringing this in for you gals. ;)

Easy Breezy,
has a really comfy cut.
Empire waist (to draw attention to the right places)
Has a tie back sash (refer to last pic)
But,the ultimate factor?

Its 3 reaaaally gorgeous shades and the wild prints on it!

Check theseee out:

Ocean Breeze
~sky blue blends in with aqua green.
The yellow floral motifs lends the finishing touches.
Pretty. =)

Seen here worn with a cropped cardi for office hours or cover up purposes.
Now that looks like a two-piece outfit already!
Good improvisation we say.
Two thumbs up. ;)

Loud Breeze
~pretty shade of fuchsia with leafy and floral prints .
Eden's garden reinvented. XD

Garden Breeze
~ahhh,turquoise mix garden green! yumms.=D
**click to enlarge**

Look! it has double linings.=)
so its not exposed to..well,unwanted exposures.

Tie back sash.
Meant to fit varying sizes.
Has adjustable spag straps too yea. =)

Summer fun. ;)
Slip on Easy Breezy and you can do with just minimal accessories.
The attention lies in your dress itself.heeee.

Anyone can steal glances from others with this beauty.

-Adjustable straps
-Empire cut
-Tie back sash
-Approx 31 inches in length (straps not included since its adjustable)
*standard length,so no worries*

Material : Lightweight comfy Cotton

Colour : Ocean Breeze, Garden Breeze,Loud Breeze

Size : Free (best fits uk4-uk10)

Price : RM 43 *stash*
Last piece Garden breeze(green).

Sms 012-2188175/ 014-9338693(digi) or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com
Please remember to include your name and item.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Customer's Feedback, featured ;)

Here's something we would like to share with all of you.. Good things are meant to be shared right. hehe.

We just wanna express our sincerest gratitude to one of our customers,Sharon, for her testimonial about us on Fashion Truth. =)

You can read all about it here.

Thanks a bunch love! ;)
And also, a huge thanks and appreciation to all of you who have supported us throughout these months since our debut. Really,we mean it. =)
Cuz without you, there wouldn't be Dr.Pizzicato.
Suffice to say, you darlings are the very fibre and essence of our our e-shop.=)

And also, its been really awesome to make some new friends along the way.;)
The experience is just priceless.

You have our word that we'll continue to do our best in bringing more fashionable goodies for you yea?
Buckle up, and get ready for yet another great ride with us!

Hey loves!
We hope you enjoy what we've brought to you this time.
They're all very unique pieces. Yet basic enough for daily wear.=)
That's the best part,ain't it?
Comfort and style in one package. =D

The summer dresses shall have to wait, but rest assured,we're doing our best here yea.
Either by tomorrow or Saturday.No promises though. Cuz i wouldn't wanna disappoint. ;p
But just so you know,they're really alluring pieces you won't wanna miss!

happy shopping and browsing yah!
See something you like?
Don't hesitate to beep us immediately okies.

Thanks truckloads and cheers to all you wonderful ladies out there.=)))



Cardis with a spunky twist is in the house! =)))

Three edgy colours.
Yummy yumms. ;p

At first we thought they looked like argyle sweaters, but a closer look helped us discover a whole new dimension into these gorgeous cardis.
Read on.

If you're not sure what argyle sweaters are,these might help: =)

Ah, Ed Westwick of Gossip Girls fame lookin' all polished.hehe.

Now even the First Lady couldn't resist these goodies.


Cutting-edge design.
Geometrical prints.

The following photos paints a thousand words.=)

Dusky Grey

Back and side view.
Lurveee the geometrical prints.
Sooo one-of-a-kind right?
*frenzy begins*

Mellow Aqua Green,
slightly turquoise.

''Aye aye,sir!''

Black &White,
with grey triangle prints.

This is just such a unique cardi!
Heart it heart it!

Material : Cotton

Colour : Dusky Grey, Mellow Aqua Green, Black&White

Size : Free (best fits uk4-smaller uk10)

Price : RM 40 *really dirt cheap for such an awesome goodie.=D *

Sms 012-2188175/ 014-9338693(digi) or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com
Please remember to include your name and item.