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Monday, March 30, 2009

Your kind attention is appreciated. =)

Hi darlings, =)
due to the rather overwhelming response on both 'Sky High' and 'Take a Cruise' cardis, i wish to make some matters clear to avoid any unnecessary confusion and probs later on. =)
It's for the benefit of both customer and seller yea! =D

And the purpose of this post is also to make a once-off announcement so i can save time by not repeating it to different ones over and over again. hehe.

Please note that:
1. Orders are based on First Come First Served basis. Which means, whoever can make payment first will be given priority. We've never really implemented this before, but we have to now. Cuz there's been numerous buyers who go M.I.A after placing orders or enquiries.
And this makes it really hard when there's other ineterested buyers who are kept waiting for days~
But there's an exception to this. If you are really keen on an item and wish to reserve it, it can be done. But reservation is only up to 3 days. For example : You wanna purchase item X, but can't afford to pay so soon, no worries,we can definitely reserve it for you.
But we need to have a word of promise that you won't have last min back outs alright? =)

2. Prior to this, we also don't ask for payment/deposits for restocks,eventhough it's actually a standard procedure for most blogshops. But we do require you to bank in for restock now, cuz there has been incidences when the restocks are done but there's no reply from the customer even after many emails/smses.
We do hope you dearies get our point yea..we think we've been pretty patient and nice so far.=)

For those who have enquired on 'Sky High' and 'Take a Cruise' cardis, or whoever that is still contemplating,contemplate no more. They're a bargain!
Please bank in for the restock as soon as you can cuz restocks will most probably be done next Monday.(the latest)

Thanks a million for your kind attention sweets~


Reviewed.Thanks a bunch!

Apple to My Eye *new review blogsite*

If there's any of you girls who wants to look like an innocent, sweet little girl, here's your chance! This baby purple coloured dress with white polka dots is so sweet, that anyone who wears it turns 7 again. ;P The bow at the front is detachable and can be a tie-back dress. It's your choice but I say the bow is perfect just the way it is. Bows are in anyways! Only 1 piece avaiable. Hurry!

Diary of an E-Shopaholic

An ordinary, not OTT, jumpsuit. :)
Gingham inspired 3-way top with attached black shorts that ain't too short. ;)
Flexible smocked collar which can be twisted to turn this one-piece into a trapeze, toga, or off shoulder. :)
Ruffled column on either sides, adjustable waist band with matching ribbon string.
Pretty in baby pink with chocolate coloured lines.
Would look better with a belt perhaps. :)
RM 45

A Shopaholic's Den

High waisted skirt! It's the necessity of every babe out there! And yes, a black one. Plus, even if you got one already, you can always have another! *winks*

Desire for Fashion

Aaah cardiS..perfect for any outfit really!so comfortable,keeps you warm,trendy..plain cardiS are a must-have in every girl's closet!

Thanks so much beloved~
You guys have been nothing but sweet! =)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Graphic Dash

This season, polka dots, geometric prints, stripes and loads of other graphic patterns are reinvented, channelling a very modern-day Coco Chanel-esque look. The one woman who changed the fashion scene forever~

Graphic Dash,
a trapeze,
geometric-printed dress,
with Chanel's classic black and white combo.
What's not to love?

Satin trapeze collar.
Retro-looking prints.

The back of the dress~
It has that slight opening above the cute lil buttons. =)
Simply love the entire package!

We can't think of any places not to wear Graphic Dash to. =P
Sleeping?*just kidding!*

Very mod and retro looking indeed. Oozes that designer dress look from the runway, don't ya think?
Best of all, its soooo affordable! yay!!!

Material : Lycra

Size : Fits UK 4-small UK 10

Price : RM 49


Sms 012-2188175/014-9338693(digi) or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com about any enquiries at all! =)

3 way Mini Jumpsuit

I'm sure most of us know what's a jumpsuit by now aye?
We've seen numerous celebs,e.g: Blake Lively, gracing magazine covers with this latest one-piece fad.

We never really thought we'd be jumping into this bandwagon, but when we saw this piece, we simply couldn't resist!

Our latest offering is a 3 Way Mini Jumpsuit.

Why 3 way? cuz it can be worn in 3 different styles! Talk about versatility!
Why Mini? cuz its well, short. How's that for a change from the usual long jumpsuits? =D

Style 1: Off shoulder

Style 2: Trapeze-like

Style 3 : Toga!

A closer look. Notice there's a ruffling design on it. hehe.
And we simply lurrvve how the pastel pink shade and checkered prints complement each other so well. (=

The knot can be adjusted according to your waist. =)
Has side pockets too yeah!

A simple girly jumpsuit. Great for beginners, like us! haha.
Takes you for casual outings and even a trip to the dentist. *giggles*
With this piece,you simply don't have to worry about matching your top with pants anymore!

Material : Cotton

Size : Best fits UK 4- UK 8

Price : RM 45 **for a 3 way piece?!**

Sms 012-2188175/014-9338693(digi) or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com about any enquiries at all! =)

**Non-restockable anymore**

Take a Cruise

Kate Moss pulls off her slouchy grey cardigan-look with knee high boots and hot pants really well. Slouchiness, if we may put it that way, never quite goes out of style.

Black, almost always the safest bet.

An everyday essential---white.

Slouchy cardi redefined.


Spotted. Rachel Bilson with lemony yellow cardi,unbuttoned for that casual chic look.
We like!

Regardless of whatever you may say about this hotel heiress, it's still undeniably true that she has a pretty good fashion sense. =P
And we say her matching blue combo seriously rocks.

Fancy candy colours?
Yet something that is not too OTT?

We bring you one-of-a-kind demure colours for everyday wear. Be it to college or work!

Cyan Blue
(Taken under natural lighting to reveal true colour)
It's not electric blue by the way~

Mellow Yellow.
Mmm. We like the fact that its not too glaring. Just right for days when you don't feel like dressing up.
This injects the right amount of style with subtlelity!

Extras you should know:
-Has two side pockets. =)
-It's a hoodie-less cardi. *We know some of you have been asking for it, that's why....hehe*

A basic cardigan like this never goes wrong.We repeat, NEVER. You can practically wear it anywhere! And since Take a Cruise is so lightweight, you can even chuck it into your tote. (very useful for cinema colds and lecture hall air-conds.hehe.)
And the best part,
you can transform it from basic to slouchy,anytime. =D

Material : Cotton

Size : Free (Fits UK 4- UK 10)

Price : RM 35

Black (SOLD)
Lavender (SOLD)

Cyan Blue (SOLD)
White (SOLD)
Grey( SOLD)

Yellow (SOLD)

Lavender x1(SOLD)
Black x1 (SOLD)
Mellow Yellow x1(SOLD)
Grey x1(SOLD)
Cyan Blue x1 (SOLD)


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What you should be looking forward to.

We'll be having more updates in the coming week dearies. Please give us some time as we're really busy at the moment.hehe.

But here's what you should stay tuned for:
- High Waisted Pencil skirt *ooh la la!*

- Basic hood-less Cardigans in 6 colours. *We know some of you have been searching high and low for cardis without hoods, that's why we're bringing it in.=)*

- Trapeze dress in Black and White Geometric prints. Our all time favourite trapeze and B&W colour. =D

- Mini Jumpsuit. *That's right! we're not missing out aren't we? =)*

Loads of yummy offerings from us once more. So, do keep your eyes opened yah?

Meanwhile, do enjoy shopping with our latest collection. =D
They're Non-Restockable. So you know how exclusive these are. *wink*

Till then, cheers! =D

We need your support.=)

If you adore the stuffs in our e-boutique,
or simply enjoy browsing thru the pretty goodies we've brought in exclusively for you,
or have been one of our lovely customers *wink* and experienced our services and products first hand..=)
Please feel free to vote for us yea.

*We've been nominated for e-shop of the week at Fashionably Desirable*

Simply click below.=)
It's really fuss free and easy peasy. We promise.=)


Your support is what keeps us going, cuz afterall, without you lovelies, there won't be Dr.Pizzicato, right?


Thanks a bunch.

On a separate note, we'll be updating real soon!
Stay tuned for more drool-worthy clothes from us alritey?


Sequinned Tees

Bringing you one-of-a-kind basic tees sweethearts!
A girl can never have one too many tees for everyday wear aye?
(especially to night markets and on lazy days..haha)

They are all intricately handsewn sequinned tees.
We'll just let the pictures do the talking for now... =)

Tee 1 : Rockin' Heels

Up close.

We girls can truly relate to heels,bags and accessories. Afterall, they're a necessity these days! =P

An even closer look. (for your benefit of course.)

Embellishments in sequins almost always takes a plain outfit up a notch.

Tee 2 : Hot Air Balloon

Can you see the tongue-in-cheek 'Help me Please...' words? =P
And the peace sign too?

Tee 3: Pixie Wonderland

These mushrooms are beginning to look edible to me....*drools*

Model is wearing Pixie Wonderland~

You know what's the best part about tees like this?
They're simply so attention-grabbing yet not compromising on comfort at the same time!

College, work, or whatever occasion, it hits the right note. =DDD

Material : Quality Cotton

Size : Fits UK 4- small UK 10

Price : RM 30 * For a handsewn goodie you ask?*
sold out

Sms 012-2188175/014-9338693(digi) or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com about any enquiries at all! =)


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My phone is back =)

Hi sweets,
just to let you girls know, my phone number is back. Thankfully. =)
I've lost all previous contacts though. So if i don't remember your number, please forgive me.

Feel free to text 012-2188175, anytime. =)
If we're snoozing, we'll text you the moment we're up from bed. =P



Ophelia the Siren

What do ya know?
Oversized bows are reinvented this Spring/Summer 2009. =)
Thanks, (or no thanks) to Chanel, YSL, Marchesa and the likes.

Big, or small, quirky or origami-like, bows are definitely a statement piece now.

Like it or not, it seems that the Bow-y wave is adamant about staying.
Even celebs are jumping on the bandwagon...

Not to mention they're all looking very chic. =)


We ourselves have also come to acknowledge the fact that bows can truly add a feminine touch to any outfits. =)
Thus bringing you Ophelia the Siren.

A silky satin dress,
bewitching bow dress,
perfect prom dress,
all in one.

Opaque tights and killer oxfords spins that edgy look.
You're sure to turn countless heads in this number.=P

A closer look at the pretty bow which totally screams feminism!

Gold : the colour associated with royalty
Has a touch of mustard actually~

Oooh..we almost forgot to mention that the 'foil-like' look is sooo in this season too!
The material actually looks part satin,part foil-like.
Which makes it even more irresistible than ever.

Bows, bows, bows. How can we ever get enough of you?

Sizzling red.
The colour of passion. *grins*

Has double lining.
No see throughs allowed (=

All three colours comes with a black waist clincher.
Absolutely FOC.

And the best bit,
its down right affordable. =D

*We all know how pricey satin dresses are at high-street labels and luxury brands. *

Extras cum summary you might wanna take note:

-Smocked back to suit most sizes
-Inner double lining
-Free waist clincher
-Non-restockable at all. Cuz we've already snapped up all the stocks at our supplier.hehe. You can bet this is an exclusive dress dearies! =D

~We're attending a prom come this Friday! This would be one of our considered picks for sure. =D

Material : Soft Satin

Size : Best fits UK 4-small UK 10

Price : RM 49

Last in Red

Sms 012-2188175 or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail

**Absolutely non-restockable**

Monday, March 16, 2009

Phoenix the Vixen

Spotted! Hayden Panettiere jazzes up high waisted skirt with halter top in classic B&W.
We've always loved her sense of style.
A heroine in her own right indeed. =)

Fluorescent Pink! Yummylicious colour!

Pic credited to :Miss Selfridge

Retailing at a whopping figure!


Phoenix the Vixen

Tired of thinking what to wear for presentations and after-work parties?
This combo nails it right.
Wear a cropped jacket during college/work, take it off thereafter and head straight for a great night out. =)

A closer look.
We heart satins.

Picture perfect~

Black looks equally as tantalizing.

The high collar can be folded for a less turtlenecked look~

Our favourite colour. =)
and a colour which is so hard to come by at times.

Unbuttonable tiny buttons at the back.
You don't have to worry about low-cut backs
which some deem are inappropriate for college/work wear.
This will take you from day to night, anytime.

Purple, the colour which exudes confidence and glam.

Fluorescent pink, we like!
Simply because it's reminiscent of our girly side.

*Reminds us of childhood days where we got obsessed over all things pink! If someone asked you whats your fav colour when you were 9, you'd probably say 'pink', no?*

Time to rock that halter look and flaunt your shoulders babes!
And it's definitely not the kind of tops you'll wear once and never get them out of your closet again. =)))

Material : Satin

Size : Fits UK 4-UK 10

Price : RM 43 *A cheap& worthwhile investment we say.=)*


Sms 012-2188175 or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com