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Saturday, January 24, 2009


A very blessed and happy Chinese New Year to all who are celebrating! And even for those who are not, do enjoy and indulge yourselves in the festivities ya!

We'll be back with more goodies after CNY! (All geared up for Valentine's? hehe)

Thank you ALL! especially those who have supported Dr.Pizzicato's debut yea. We owe it to you darlings.=)

Meanwhile, do keep the emails and sms-es coming in yea. Preferably sms-es as we'll be able to reply swiftly.=)


Much loveeee,

Thursday, January 22, 2009


We just wanna say 'THANK YOU' loadssss to:

Diary of An E-Shopaholic for featuring us!


A Shopaholic's Den too! yay!

THANK YOU so much Sha-Lyn and Yien Yee! Really appreciate it very, veryyyy much.

Have a great day everyone~



Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Haute Shot


Want something similiar? With a lil twist to it?

Seen on runways.
Too over-the-edge for everyday wear?

we present to you Dr.Pizzicato's 'Haute Shot' range.

This piece just screamsssss Biker Chic!!!

Well, it's not exactly biker chic-ish..More like a Bomber Jacket with faux fur hoodie. (yes, we're animal lovers, so we're against using animal furs too). Also looks like a parka perfect for cold climates...and looks like a windbreaker too!
Gosh, we just can't exactly put to words what Haute Shot actually is, cuzzzzz its really one-of-a-kind babes!

To give you a clearer explanation of the superb quality and material,take a look at this:

The material is quite similiar to this---Satin+ windbreaker type, feels like silk when touched.

We have it in HOT HOT HOT colours:


This is the new sexy back! =P You can be sure you will definitely command LOADS of attention from the people around you.

Off White

Something more understated? =)
Equally as attention grabbing though.

Lurve lurve lurve the fur trimmings and glossy material!

Electric Blue

This colour totally spells G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S!

And did we mention how comfy this feels? It provides your body with ample warmth especially under air conditioned places and you can even pack it as one of the essentials for travelling. We're definitely stuffing this into our luggages the next time we travel! =)
It doesn't take up much space either.hehe.

Material: Satin-ish *No compromise on the quality, you'll love it we betcha! *
Size : Absolutely Free
Price : RM 75 *For the whole superb package, its incredibly loooow my dears! =)*

Trust us, you will totally LOVE this!


Heart-shaped Bustier

Oh my! We just knew we had to have this beauty! It was love at first sight actually.<3>

Heart-shaped bustier---perfect for almost any body shapes, whether you're a pear or apple or an hourglass. =)
Slightly flared at the bottom to balance out your svelte figure.=)


Pictured credited to: Asos.
Tulip bottom with ruched embellishments near the bust area.
Our design looks the same! (except for the pink top part).

Spotted! Mischa Barton with a heart-shaped bustier dress and bubbled hems.
~See...you can even pair it with tights just like she did. How versatile!

Comes in 3 pretty colour combos:

Light grey&Black


Black & White

It's smocked back with a side zipper.
The best part about this is, it hugs your bust perfectly! The bottom is slightly tulip flared
which makes this piece even more unique than ever! =)
And again we say, the material is greeeeat and comfy!

**Free waist clincher sweeties! Yay!

Material: Thick cotton,has a velvety touch to it(top) and Cotton(bottom)

Colour : Black&White, Light grey&white, Black&Purple
Size : Free (Best fits S-M)
Price : RM 55


Satin Ruched Bandeau

Inspired by celebrities and high-street labels, we're presenting our latest Satin Ruched Bandeau Dress to you darlings.;)

Picture credited to : Asos.
Retailing at 44.50 pounds.(About RM 264)

Hayden Pannetiere and her ruched bandeau dress. Lookin' like a grecian beauty here yea?

Wanna dazzle the crowd and be the envy of your girlfriends?
Look no further.

Looking for an expensive-looking cocktail or evening dress?
We say this is it.

The bust area is meant to be loosely ruched.( Especially great for small to moderate busts sizes)

This piece is also made up of good quality satin from top to bottom. Smocked back and with a side zipper to fit all sizes.
And we just looooove the two toned colours, just like most of you gals!

Comes in 3 elegant colours:



The beautiful satin finish.

Oh yea, we almost forgot to mention, you can wear it with spaghetti straps if you like, cuz there's a place to hook those straps yea!

A total glam baby we say =D

**The bonus : You gals get a
free gorgeous rosette belt!(as seen in the pics above) You can choose to wear the belt with the dress or without.=D

Material: Fully Satin

Size : Free (Fits S-L )

Price : RM 66

Colour : Gold, Red and Plum
SOLD to Sandra

Feel free to enquire abt this glam piece =)

Trapeze Zest No.2

We've brought in this rare trapeze in purple exclusively for you gals who love trapezes!

It's body is mainly made up of spandex..slightly lycra-ish and the white details on the dress + the collar is in satin. Woot! =P Can't ask for more aye?

It's also slightly ruched at the side to give it some extra oomph!

Conceals your flaws (e.g tummy and thighs) and enhances your assets like your shoulder and bust in all the right places. Tadah!

The purple colour actually looks brighter in reality~

With flash.

Material : Spandex + Satin
Size : Free
Price : RM 40 *For the great material babes! =D *


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More to come

There'll be more updates in the next few days hun!
Our CNY batch of stocks. =D

And a little insider to what's in stored:
-Bomber Jacket in hot and basic colours. With a lil' twist to it!
-Satin ruched tube dress
-More Dual Toned goodies---Heart shaped bustier dresses

And we just have to say this:
It's ALL in top notch material and made out of superb quality. (Most are in satin and the likes)

Stay tuned and feast your eyes gals~


We decided to name these dresses after Gossip Girl's main actress, Blake Lively just because it reminds us of her chic and show-stopping styles. She looks good in practically everything she wears aye?
Yes, it's Chinese New Year season and our grandma probably wouldn't wanna see us in neutral colours.. But that doesn't meant we can't stock up for our next dinner or invitation to an event or outings.teehee.

Black Blake
Oh so chic! It's a halter dress by the way. =)

Material: Cotton
Size : Free
Price : RM 35
Status : SOLD x2

Note: Restocked 1 for Tuan Wern (SOLD)


Teal Blake

Ooo..it comes in teal too.=)

Material: Cotton

Size : Free
Price : RM 35
Status : SOLD x2

Note : Restocked 1 for Mun Ling(SOLD)


White Temptation

We've also decided to bring in the Temptation dress in white because some of you gals asked for it! =)

Material is stretchable.
It's so demure that his mom will love you in it! hehe.

Material: Cotton
Size : Free
Price : RM 35
Status : SOLD

Note : Restocked 1 for Mun Ling (SOLD)

Restock list:
Jee Lian (SOLD)


Dual Toned goodies

We're so into all things dual toned too babes!!! And we aren't about to miss out on one of this season's prettiest offerings.teehee.

Dual Tone Princess

From Fabsugar.


~Dual Toned Princess~

The material is lightweight and comfortable. Perfect for our humid weather.=P
A simple combination of black and white, absolutely great for casual outings.
Dress up or down, its your choice gals.

We just love the slight pleats on the dress. =D

Material: Soft Cotton
Size : Free (Fits S-M the best)
Price : RM 50
Status : SOLD

**Restockable and in other combo of colours too** Do enquire yea!

Triple Toned Princess

If you like something more attention grabbing, this is it!
A combo of dark grey, black and white!
Short enough for petites and fret not if you're tall, it'll look great as a top or paired with leggings/tights. =D

~Triple Toned Princess~

Gosh we just can't get enough of these princesses! It's your turn to sashay in style with these pretty pieces sweeties.=)

Material: Soft Cotton
Size : Free (Fits S-M the best)
Price : RM 50
Status : Available

**Restockability subject to availability of stocks** Do enquire
Limited pieces left

Royal Zoe

Heya gals! The updates and dresses are finally up.=D
Just in time for CNY no?

This time round, we're bringing you a Topshop inspired dress.

That's the Cotton Stitch Bust Dress from high-street label, Topshop,UK. (One of our favs actually.hehe.)

It's retailing at 28 Pounds, which is roughly a whopping RM 168!

Presenting Royal Zoe.

The straps are totally adjustable. If you don't like it with two straps, you can always merge it as one. Just demonstrating the versatility of it. And the bust area settles perfectly and again, is stretchable.
Don't you just love the colour? We do! haha

Camera with flash.

Material: Cotton
Size : Free (Best fits S-M)
Price : RM 45 *Totally affordable yea!*
Status : Available

**Restockable in other colours** Do enquire.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

We've been reviewed! =D

Yay! Our first review.=D
A big thank you to A Shopaholic's Den for the review.hehe. Really appreciate it loads.

Stay tuned for more goodies comin' up in the next few days yea!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ruffles B&W

You've gotta check this out galsssss.
It's absolutely exclusive cuz we flew it in all the way from the Land of Smiles!!!=)))
It's so innocently demure that we want it for ourselves!
We love the chiffon material and black&white colour and pretty ruffles at the sleeves.What's not to love about it aye?

The material is not sheer alright? So don't worry about unneccesary exposures.=P
(If you haven't noticed by now, we actually love mini dresses. The kind that falls above your knees or in the middle of your thighs. Love em cuz they flaunt our pins, especially for petites!)

Ruffle mania!
We've seen em on dresses, now on SLEEVES!

The satin sash is detachable.Comes with it.=)

Ruffles are sooooo in for 2009!

Email us if you like this item cuz we only have ONE! And its specially flown in so its really worth it sweethearts =D

Material: Quality Chiffon
Size : Free (Fits S/M the best)
Price : RM 55
Status : SOLD

**Non Restockable**

Trapeze Zest

From high-street fashion label,Warehouse.
Introducing, our similiar trapeze in Eco-Green!

Well, the trapeze is making a come back isn't it?
Now we're seeing it on celebrities and fashion A-listers.
If you haven't got yours, make it yours already! =D
This is going on a steal sweeties! Only RM 28!
And we've only brought in 2 last pieces cuz its all sold out. =(

A closer look~

Tip: -Pair it with a waist clincher for a slimmer silhouette.But it is also as good on its own. Trapeze dresses are meant to be loose fitting anyway.

- Wear it with your black opaque tights if you are tall, or feeling slightly conservative. hehe. Petites can also show off their sexy legs with this trapeze!

Material: Cotton
Size : Free (The area around the bust is a bit loose fitting, so wearing a waist clincher is what we suggest! hehe)
Price : RM 28
Status : SOLD x2

**Non Restockable**'
But might bring in a new fantastic colour! Do enquire if you're interested. =)