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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hi dearies,
the rest of the updates shall have to wait.;)

Patience aite? ;)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just what I need

Basic, fundamental, elemental, a wardrobe essential, indispensable or whatever word we might use to describe..
one canNOT deny the fact that tank tops are a MUST HAVE in every ladies' closet.

And we mean the plain, simple,no graphics kind. ;)
Just the way most of us like it best.

Topshop ribbed scoop neck vest
in Grey.

Plus a variety of other candy coloured tanks.
**pics credited to Topshop**


And here's what we love about
Just What I Need.

It's fits one's body like a glove!
Hugging every curves,
accentuating what needs to be accentuated. LOL.

And its also comes in 6 really unique shades. Not your usual red blue green yellow thingy.
But more unique colours! ;)

1. Light Grey

Need we say more?
One of the most versatile colours these days.=)

2. Off Red

Somehow it looks pinkier here, but its actually off red.
A bit maroonish. Very easy on the eye.

3. Sea Blue

Yum yum...Seriously love this colour!!!
i don't know why..but it makes me feel..calm.
4. White
The shade of innocence.
Purrrfect for non-dressy days.
Matches well with brighter bottoms, e.g: floral skirts. ;)

5. Bright Plum

This colour is actually plum..a brighter plum. Slightly purplish in reality.
Such a precious colour.
We likey!

6. Teal Blue

Now, we've seen teal before, but what about teal blue?
Gorgeous right? =D

Back view. Its simple and nice.
Not crossed-back nor is the cutting too low..exposing the you-know-what... like some we bought from high street labels. =p

The look.
Paired with High Fever, our semi-high waisted shorts.
Still available in store. ;)
Beep us.
Simple and uber sweeeeet.
Except for a tiny lil' deer printed at the bottom of the top. ;)

Vanessa struts her stuff in a plain tank.
Really, sometimes less is more. (=

Oh ya, and here's a lil style tip:
Pair your tank tops with blazers. Oh so hawt and rocking blazers.They're definitely making a come back in the fashion scene!
Worn slouchy or fitting, its up to ya. ;) We think both rocks equally as much.haha.

And if you're as sporting as Katy Perry, a floral blazer seriously ROCKS too. =D
If we do spot floral blazers, you guys might get to see them here. hehe.

Material : 100% Cotton

Colour : Light Grey(SOLD), White(SOLD), Teal blue(SOLD), Bright plum(SOLD), Off Red(SOLD), Sea blue(SOLD).

Size : UK 2-UK 8 only (as the cut is very fitting)

Price: RM 36 including postage *Grab & go! yay!*


Teal Blue (Connie)SOLD
Teal Blue (Joanne Yap) SOLD

Do send in your orders even if the piece you want is being reserved. If there's a back out order, we'll inform you. =)

Sms 012-2188175 or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com Please remember to include your name and item.

**Might be Restockable
.Mail us!**

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hi dearies!
Enjoy the updates and happy shopping for now!
Do send us your orders asap, and remember to confirm your order only if you're really interested in that particular item okays?
Cuz all the shoes we're bringing in this time are rather limited so we really wanna avoid back outs.
And they're all below RM 50! How cool's that? ;D
So be fast and precise when placing your orders aite?
Don't worry, if you have any enquiries, simply ask. =) we don't bite or snarl. hehe.

We can be reached at 012-2188175 or dr.pizzicato@gmail.com

Will be back with the remaining of our updates in the next couple of days.
Stay tuned!


Bondage Mania

If you think the gladiator days are over, think again. ;)
More than ever, gladdies are garnering massive attention, from us...as well as trendsetting celebs of course.
We believe they're one of the funkiest,coolest creations ever!
(As compared to harem pants or even lame leggings for that matter. teehee.)
We used to think gladiator sandals were hard to pull off..but not anymore! haha


Here's bringing you an exclusive collection of gladiator sandals.
Might i add, very comfy ones. =)

And these are absolutely unique,
celebrity inspired gladiators.
If you think you have too many gladdies, might i propose that these are so not your typical gladdies.
And if you've yet to own any, then starting with this will be a great headstart. =p

Now don't you just adore the high fashion bondage style?
The criss-cross designs adds that extra 'oomph' factor.

Side view.
Gorgeous gorgeous design!
And you know something, you can either choose to tie the shoe string lace at the front, or behind..as shown in the pic below.
Very versatile~


Also available in spunky white.
For us, white has that very sophisticated touch as compared to the usual black option.

The shoe string type of laces are adjustable according to your desire &comfort level, so no worries okies.
Also, they're extremely wearable and walkable. =)

Material : Top notch quality faux leather,adjustable shoe string laces, with extra cushioning at the bottom so you won't slip while walking.;)

Price: RM 49 only *superb steaaal!**



size 4/35
size 5/36
size 6/37
size 7/38 (SOLD, Suraya)
size 8/39 (SOLD, Yvonne)
size 9/40


Size 39 (Zarith) SOLD
Size 41 (Lydia) SOLD
Size 36(Ally) SOLD
Size 38 (Ally) SOLD
Size 38 (Ladies in the Hse) SOLD
Size 40 (Hui Ting) SOLD

Size 38 (Janet) SOLD

Size 38 (Azah)SOLD

Follows a normal vincci cutting.

Do send in your orders even if the size you want is being reserved. If there's a back out order, we'll inform you. =)

Sms 012-2188175 or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com Please remember to include your name and item.


Gold Mine

Upcoming restocks:

Go Jane patent phyton flats retailing for over RM 140!

**pic credited to Go Jane**


Our dainty version~
We're happy&proud to say that its at least 85% similar to the Go Jane one above ;)
And for the price you're paying for,
its unbelievable.

Taken under natural lighting. =)

Psst. In reality, it looks less shiny..but has a very glossy patent finish.
Deliciously glam. =D

Up close.
Notice the patent phyton-like material?
It's a beauty, seriously.

Side view.

One of the reasons why these flats are so awesome is because they're simply too sexy to resist.
Slip on these and you're all set to go anywhere in town.
College, work, parties,outings? You name it.
It's especially a life saver for days when we just feel like going casual...yet, not too casual. You get what i mean right?

And the bestest bit is, they're oh-so-comfy, like you're not wearing shoes.=)
Comfort marries style we say. ;)

Oh, and no worries, you can definitely pull off this gold gem. Believe us, its not too bombastic. The shade of gold is just right. =)

Material : Man made patent faux phyton-like material. Gold surface with light cream insoles.

Price: RM 49 *An absolute steal compared to RM140 right? ;)*
size 5/36 (SOLD,Charlotte)
size 6/37 (SOLD,Yamin)
size 7/38 (SOLD,Elizabeth)
size 8/39 (SOLD,Hitomi)

Follows a normal vincci cutting.

Nadia (Size 8) SOLD
Yivonne (Size 5) SOLD

Schuhz (Size 8) SOLD
Azah (size 8)SOLD

Do send in your orders even if the size you want is being reserved. If there's a back out order, we'll inform you. =)

Sms 012-2188175 or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com Please remember to include your name and item.

**non Restockable

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Updates ;)

Updates coming your way:
1. Go Jane patent python inspired flats
2. Celebrity inspired bondage gladiators. One-of-a-kind,really. ;)
3. Studded gladiators
4. Basic body-fitting candy coloured tank tops! ;)

Excited yet?
Stay tuned~

Don't forget to visit us during this Saturday's bazaar at Lot 10 aite!
More goodies for you sweeties. =)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Star Studded in Tan Brown


Remember these Go Jane inspired heels?

*pics credited to Go Jane*


A very classy shade of brown. A bix of a mixture of coffee and a caramelly shade. Yummms.;p
You'll love it. Seriously.

*the pics just don't do the heels enough justice.Looks much better in reality!*

the studs look reaaal nice&expensive-looking!
For pics taken under natural lighting, you may refer to the original post.
Click here.

Superb quality and fine workmanship.
Why not pay a fraction of the price for the exact piece like Go Jane's?
It's a worthwhile investment we say :D

Material : Man made top notch faux leather.Gold studs in varying shapes and sizes.

Height : 4 inches *Worry not,they're comfy,walkable types. Tried and tested*

Price: RM 76
NOW only RM 59!

Available in Tan Brown
size 4/35
size 5/36 (SOLD)
size 6/37 (SOLD)
size 7/38 (SOLD)

Do send in your orders even if the size you want is being reserved. If there's a back out order, we'll inform you. =)

Sms 012-2188175 or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com Please remember to include your name and item.

**Completely non-restockable**

Lot 10 bazaar

Hey loves, we'll be participating at the Lot 10 bazaar this Saturday! ;)

Date: 20th of June 2009, Saturday

Time: Pop by anytime between 11am - 8.30pm *Of course, the earlier the better. So u have more goodies to see. ;)*

Venue: Lot 10 *Within walking distance from Pavilion and the Sg.Wang areas. Psst. Its a green building*

Do drop by to check out the many goodies we have in stored for you aite?
We'll be bringing in new arrivals, such as gorgeous shoes at superbly amazing prices. Think below 50. hehe.
Its a bargain you won't wanna miss!
Plus, plenty of discounts and slashed prices you only get to enjoy offline. =)

The organizers will also be giving away loads of freebies even during the bazaar itself! ;)
Come join in the fun!
There's certainly something for everyone at bazaars, no?=)))

See ya'all there! ;)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

JUNE's giveaway

Heya lovessss!
we're back in action once more.;)

This June, we're giving away something really,really amazing for you gals who take good care of their tresses. Afterall, our hair is our crowning glory right?

A 200ml Schwarzkopf Professional
hair styling product.

Instant lightweight volume,
medium style control,
natural style.
And provides different styles on damp hair. ;)
Worth RM 52!

Psst.We've tried this before and we must say it really gives shape&volume to our naturally thin and sparse asian hair. =p

One lucky shopper shall get this exclusive freebie!

And the only rule to this is : Start shopping this June. ;)
No minimum amount of purchase or slogans needed.
It's really that easy.;)
And everyone of you stands an equally good chance.

Cheers always!
And do look forward to our upcoming updates aite?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hey dearies,
enjoy our latest collection.
A mini update before we go on a short break from 6th-9th of June.

Rockin' studded heels.
Gold diamond-shaped clinchers.
Pretty dresses in 6 pretty designs.
Also, vintage rose bags for all you who adore vintage.;)

And they're mostly Non-Restockable items,so be fast when placing your orders aite?

Do check all of em out kay? ;)
We can be reached at 012-2188175 or dr.pizzicato@gmail.com
(Meanwhile, pls do not sms 014-9338693 as i've misplaced that phone..XD)

Keep all your mails and smses coming in yea.
After tomorrow,we will reply once we're back on the 9th!
Psst. My phone will still be accessible at certain hours even during the break. =)

Cheers always dearies!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Star Studded

Gojane studded heels, retailing for at least RM 258 or more.

**pics credited to Gojane**

It's to our utmost delight that we're bringing you our first ever studded heels!
They were love at first sight.

This pic was taken under natural sunlight so you'd know it looks as good even under natural lighting. ;)

Side view.

Front view.
A closer look and you'll see its actually almost similar to the Gojane one.
Notice the stud designs? *wink*
Square ones,round ones and triangle ones.

Totally rocker chic when paired with lame leggings!
Afterall, the rocker-look is so in now right.heee.

Yummylicious criss-cross straps!
Bondage beauty.;D

How can one resist the superbly crafted studs?

We've finally concluded that these Studded heels looks superbly great irregardless of whichever angle the pics are taken.
It's a
gem. (=

Material : Man made top notch faux leather.Gold studs in varying shapes and sizes.

Height : 4 inches *Worry not,they're comfy,walkable types. Tried and tested*

Price: RM 76 *major bargain ;)*
Available in
size 4 /35 (SOLD)
size 5/ 36 (SOLD)
size 6/37 (SOLD)
size 7/38 (SOLD)
size 8/39 (SOLD)

Sms 012-2188175 or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com Please remember to include your name and item.

restockable in Tan brown.

All that Glitters is Gold

We're not quite sure what has gotten into us, but recently, we've started eyeing on all things GOLD.
Gold chains, gold bangles, gold accessories,gold studs, you name it.
Suffice to say, we think we're in love with gold (or at least gold-like) stuffs.

Is it a sign of growing old?

But we decided to bring in this clincher,cuz the design and goody gold-plates were too awesome to resist!

Up close.
Gold frenzy! =p

Paired with a simple dinner dress, it totally jazzes up a more ''boring'' looking outfit. =)

If you're not into too 'goldie oldie' stuffs, you can incorporate a bit of its elements into your outfit, for example, with this clincher. ;)
Start small.

Gold is always a very classy,high fashion shade. And definitely not reserved for the aunties or grannys only!
With a few techniques, anyone can pull this off. =D

Note: Recommended for UK4-6

Stretchable material with gold plated diamond-shaped design.Looks like the diamond in our card games right? heee

Colour : Black, Red

Price: RM 39
*sorry darls, cost is a bit higher probably due to the gold plates,hence the price.But rest assured, the gold surface is of good quality.Not cheap plastic okay. *
NOW RM 33!

Last piece each

Sms 012-2188175 or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com
Please remember to include your name and item.



More feminine pieces for you sweethearts!
And of course,we've handpicked them for you among the sea of clothes.

Here's some seriously sweet dress that comes in 6 equally as lovely designs:
Alright,here's how we're gonna do it.
We'll show you the designs one by one,followed by a close up look so you can get a better view.
Pay close attention yea..lest you get confused. hehe.

Design 1: White dotties(SOLD)

Design 2 : Black dotties

Design 3: Small checks

Design 4 : Gingham

Design 5: Black polkas
(with white base) (SOLD)
Back view.
Its slightly smocked at the waist,with a hook for the clincher.
Clincher is yours for freeee. ;)
and its detachable.

Design 6: White polkas (with black base)

Ain't those designs gorgeous?
we really think they are.
And its so tempting to keep one each for different occasions. haha.

The bronze zippers are functional yea. You can zip and unzip according to your liking.
Plus, the ruffles are
soooo feminine don't ya think?

Just the dress you'll need for cheery casual days!
We can totally see ourselves wearing this
oozes uptown chicness.

Note: Recommended for petites

Material : Cotton,with bronze zippers

Colour : White Polkas, Black Polkas(SOLD), White dotties(SOLD), Black dotties, Small Checks(SOLD), Gingham

Size : Free (recommended for UK 4-8 only)

Price: RM 47 *FREE clincher inclusive!*
Only 1 piece per design&its non-restockable, so be fast aite? ;)

Sms 012-2188175 or email us at dr.pizzicato@gmail.com Please remember to include your name and item.